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Water Purifying Treatment Process

based on the quality of local water source and specific final water quality standard, We customize the most reasonable water treatment solutions and processes, Equip with corresponding equipment.

Water is the source of life. the safety of water quality has been paid more and more attention. There are mainly two kinds of pure water for drinking, one is normal pure water, the other is mineral water.
As water source of other kind of drink, such as fruit and juice beverage, carbonate beverage, dairy beverage, soft drink etc, water purifying and treatment process is an essential stage.

Water Purifying Treatment Process Flow Chart

About bottled water, the packing size of small bottled water is range from 350 ml to 3.5 L, the size of large barrel water is from 3 gallons to 5 gallons.  we offer a full range of bottled water filling equipment.

Bottle Pure Water Filling Process Flow Chart

Barrel Pure Water Filling and Packing Process Flow Chart