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Packaged Drinking Water Production Line

  • Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine
  • Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine
  • Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine
  • Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine
  • Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine
Packaged Drinking Water Filling MachinePackaged Drinking Water Filling MachinePackaged Drinking Water Filling MachinePackaged Drinking Water Filling MachinePackaged Drinking Water Filling Machine

Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine

  • Output: 2000-36000 Bottles
  • Capacity: 2000-36000 Bottles
  • Volume: 350ML, 500ML
  • Volume: 1L, 1.5L
  • Product description: Equipment manufacturer, decades packaged drinking water industry experience, professional R&D Experts and Engineering construction team, whole using life after-sale service. we could do you a favor on

Water Filling Machine is a important and key stage of Packaged Drinking Water bottle plant.

there are mainly two kinds of water filling machine (water bottling machine). one is for smaller size PET bottle, the common capacity of bottle is from 350 ml to 1500 ml. the other one is for bigger size bottle, also known as barrel water. the common capacity of barrel is 3 gallon and 5 gallon. Please refer to the below two groups of pictures.

Group one: smaller size PEP bottle water filling machine

Group two: bigger size barrel water filling machine (different capacity)

To compose a packaged drinking water filling production line (water bottling production line), other essential system are important, such as washing & cleaning system, Sterilization system, light checking system, labeling system, conveyor system, PLC control system, etc. especially the conveyor system, the exact conveyor system will be designed based on your the actual workshop.

To develop a production line, make a quotation for your reference, your basic requirement are needed:

1) what is your water source?  Municipal tap water, well water, borehole water, river / lake water,  or others.  if you have water quality test report, it will be much helpful. we could customize process based on your water source.

2) water kind of final water do you want? pure water, mineral water, spring water, sparkling water, soda water, carbonated water, distill water or others.

3) what kind of bottle size do you want? (smaller size from 350 ml to 1500 ml, or 3 - 5 gallon barrel)

4) what capacity do you need?  or if you have no clear concept on capacity, please tell me your situation and plan, we could give you some suggestion on capacity.

we will help you to make a solution, draw a sketch map, figure out all details step by step.

Please Leave a message to us, to tell your basic information.


water purifying and filling process.

PART ONE: To produce pure water, mineral water, the main equipment include multi-medium filter, silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, hollow fiber ultra-filtration, RO (reverse osmosis membrane filter device), UV (ultraviolet) sterilizer, precision filter, microporous filter, Ozone generator, water tank, etc.

The filter process could effectively filter out muddy organic matter, iron, manganese, oxide, suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of microorganism and some of heavy metal ion in water, reduce the hardness of water, to make the water quality and specification meet standard of drinking water.

1) Multi-medium quartz sand filter:
The main function of sand filter is to filter out the contained sediment, manganese, rust, colloid substance, mechanical impurities, suspended solids, and other above than 20 um particles harmful substances.

2) Active carbon filter:
The main purpose of active carbon filter is to remove smell and pigment in water, chemical and biological organisms, reduce pesticide pollution and other hazardous pollutants residual.

3) cationic Resin softener / Sodium ion exchanger:
The cationic resin softener is used for removing calcium and magnesium ions in water, so that to reduce the hardness of water, to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling.

4) Microporous filter (The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane)
Micron filter could remove very small particles in water. to ensure the granularity of water be less than 0.1um, which is good for reverse osmosis membrane.

5) RO (reverse osmosis)
The Reverse Osmosis device is to purify saline water by the pressure difference action of semi-permeable membrane.
The reverse osmosis could get rid of around 97% of soluble salt and more than 99% of colloid, microorganism, particles, and organic substances.
due to its advantage of low energy consumption and pollution, easy operation and maintenance, it is getting more and more widely used for purified water engineering, super purified water ( e.g. space water).

6) UV Sterilizer (ultraviolet sterilizer)
It is physical sterilization way, mainly used to kill bacteria that may caused by the reverse osmosis system.

7) Ozone Sterilizer
Ozone sterilization is a chemical sterilization method. as a supplement to ultraviolet sterilization, make more thorough sterilization.

Aeration deferrizer Demanganizer

PART TWO: Bottling / Filling system

Drink Filling Processing Line include Conveying, Filling, Bottle Falling, Sterilizing, Sprying Cooling, Case Packing, Palletizing, etc.

3-i-1 Filling system

Components and Parts in Our 350ML-1500ML Mineral/Clear Pure Drink Water Plant Machin Line:

All valve, pipe, joint and other auxiliary accessary part adopt SUS304, SUS316L, inner mirror finish with fineness Ra<=0.28 um. meet ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS standard, series product meet to GMP standard.

Successful Case pictures: